Lake District Placemats and Coasters Slate and Cork

Lake District Place mats and coasters 

Slate, Cork or hardboard backed

Mountains, scenery or livestock

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Wild Daffodils by the lake slate coaster

A slate coaster showing Daffodils, the Wild daffodil has narrow, grey-green leaves and a familiar daffodil flower, but with pale yellow petals surrounding a darker yellow trumpet Measures 9 cm x 9 cm
From £5.00

Dora's field daffodils slate coaster

The legendary Dora's field covered in wild daffodils This semi-open woodland, renowned for fine displays of bluebells and daffodils, was once owned by William Wordsworth. On the surface it would appear that he acquired the land to build a house on, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find an ulterior motive. Coaster measures 9 x 9cm
From £5.00

Sheep with lambs slate coaster

Sheep with lambs slate coaster, Lambing can start as early as December in some parts of the country but the majority of farmers will begin in early spring. The sight of lambs scattering the fields is well known as a welcome sight, representing new beginnings and the end of a long winter Coaster measures 9 x 9 cm
From £5.00

Goldfinch slate coaster

This slate coaster showing a goldfinch which is a highly coloured finch with a bright red face and yellow wing patch. Sociable, often breeding in loose colonies, they have a delightful liquid twittering song and call coaster measures 9 x 9 cm
From £5.00

Baby Owl slate coaster

Slate coaster showing a baby owl, taken last year and printed onto one of our fab slate coasters